A holistic massage is a treatment which involves the whole person - body, mind and spirit. The basic aim is to bring the body into homeostasis, or balance.

The physical, mental and emotional effects are many and varied. The promotion of relaxation reduces muscle tension and anxiety, improving sleep and reducing stress. Physiologically, holistic massage can improve joint mobility, aid digestion and helps in the removal of waste from the body.




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 As the benefits of massage are so wide reaching, I believe it has a place in everyday preventative health care:


Good for the mind:

promotes relaxation of body and mind

reduces stress

improves sleep

increases energy

soothes and comforts

encourages the release of endorphines

gives an emotional ‘lift’ encouraging positive feelings

Good for the body:

reduces muscular tension

improves joint mobility

relieves stiff tired joints

aids lymph drainage

improves digestion

removes waste

delivers nutrients




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My name is Elaine, welcome to my website and to the wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating world of holistic massage! I have trained at the Holistic College Dublin. I have also completed continued professional development courses in both deep tissue back and orthopedic neck massage. This training enables me to provide a comprehensive holistic treatment with the versatility to cater to clients individual needs.

Having always had an affinity with the caring professions, I have developed a keen interest in health promotion through my own experience of crafting a life approach where I am constantly honing my ability to manage my own stress. I have developed a style that uses my bodywork skills to address not just physical injury and limitation but create an environment where a safe therapeutic space is created.